Swapsapp_bot is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to store cryptocurrency.

To start working with the bot, you need to follow the link and then follow the instructions that will automatically appear in the text field of the chat.

Swapsapp_bot allows users to:

  1. Track wallet balance

  2. Buy crypto

  3. Deposit funds quickly and easily

  4. Withdraw funds

  5. Track reports

Telegram bot allows users to get messages when the balance of the wallet changes. This can be used for monitoring activity on a personal wallet.

In order to replenish an account from an external wallet, you will need to use the provided reusable address or QR code.

For the receipt of funds, three confirmations of the network are required.

Important note: All deposits less than 0.00005 BTC will not be credited. Refunds are also not provided for these transactions.

Please pay attention to this when replenishing your wallet balance!

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support.

Telegram has been serving the crypto community since 2018, when most decentralized projects needed a place where their communities can freely communicate without any external intervention.

Telegram includes features like anonymity and encrypted chats, protecting its users’ privacy in the same way as a cryptocurrency address does. This whole package makes the messaging app a safe place for crypto enthusiasts. Based on the recent statistics, millions of crypto users are already using the app.

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