What is your commission?

  • Swaps charges 4.99% when you buy crypto from your card.

Note: Other fees may be applied by the liquidity provider or the cardholder's bank.

Can non-verified users buy crypto?

Yes. No verification required for purchases less than 1000 EUR per month.

  • Minimum payment amount is 100 EUR or equivalent.

  • Maximum purchase limit for unverified users is 1000 EUR or equivalent.

What are the limits of a verified user?

  • Maximum transaction amount of 3000 EUR

  • Daily limit per account 3000 EUR

  • Weekly limit per account 21 000 EUR

  • Monthly limit per account 84 000 EUR

  • Number of card transactions per day: no limit

  • Transaction limit per 1 card per month 84 000EUR

Current monthly and daily limits are available in your Swaps.

Important note 1: The daily limit is counted not as a calendar day, from 00:00 till 23:59, but as a 24-hour period since purchasing.

Important note 2: The monthly limit is counted as a 31-day period since purchasing, and not as a calendar month.

Important note 3: Daily and monthly limits include all fees.

Important note 4: Currency limits are equivalent to the amount in EUR.

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