Swaps Fees and Limits

The transaction fee for the purchase is 3.99%, and the minimum payment amount is 25 EUR or equivalent.

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What is a transaction fee?

  • Swaps charges 3.99% per transaction when you buy crypto from your card.

Note: Other fees may be applied by the liquidity provider or the cardholder's bank.

Can non-verified users buy crypto?

No. Each user needs to pass a quick verification process to be eligible to purchase crypto.

  • The minimum payment amount is 25 EUR or equivalent.

What are the limits for a verified user?

  • Maximum transaction amount of 10 000 EUR

  • The daily limit per account 15 000 EUR

We will only ask you to increase your account limit if the order you placed puts you over your current limit. In this case, we will provide further instructions on increasing your limit directly in the widget.

Important note 1: The daily limit is counted not as a calendar day, from 00:00 till 23:59, but as 24 hours since purchasing.

Important note 2: Daily limits include all fees.

Important note 3: Currency limits are equivalent to the amount in EUR.

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