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Trouble linking my payment card, what should I do?
Trouble linking my payment card, what should I do?
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We link cards according to the PCI standard and do not store information about them. If you’re having trouble linking a card after multiple tries, it might be a problem with your card service provider. First check to be sure our platform supports your card type.

In accordance with the generally accepted security standard for payment cards, which must be met by suppliers of goods and services that accept payment cards as a means of payment.

PCI DSS is a document with a long list of criteria that a business must meet.

In connection with the generally accepted EMVCo standards, there is a standard for MANDATORY 3DC cardholder authentication fields, which must be filled in at the cardholder level.

This information can be found in the EMVCo 3D Secure specifications (EMV 3-D Secure — Protocol and Core Functions Specification).

At the moment, Swaps accepts ONLY Visa and MasterCard (virtual, prepaid, debit, and credit cards). Swaps doesn’t accept Maestro, PayPal cards. If your card type is not the problem, please contact our support.

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