What is Swaps?

Swaps is your simple access to crypto, fast and secure service that allows you to purchase bitcoin using your bank card.

How to start using Swaps?

You need to register in our service. You can either do it on our web wallet Swaps.app and widget.

Swaps provides users the following opportunity:

Do you have a mobile app?

Not yet! We are working on it.

Do you have a plastic card?

Not yet.

Do you have a virtual card?

Not yet.

Which cryptocurrencies does Swaps support?

On very beginning only Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDt) soon our list will be increased.

Which fiat currencies does Swaps support for buying crypto?

  • EUR - Euro
  • USD - US dollar

What should I do if my fiat currency is not on the list?

The service automatically converts your currency into the payment currency and the bank will make the exchange. Please take into consideration, that your bank might apply an extra fee for converting your card's currency to the payment currency.

What types of bank cards does Swaps support?

Swaps accepts ONLY Visa and MasterCard - virtual, prepaid, debit, and credit cards. Swaps doesn't accept Maestro cards, doesn't support PayPal and Revolut cards at the moment.

We only process bank cards and we do not accept any other payment methods, such as WIRE or SEPA transfers.

Important note 1. Some issuer banks have their own terms regarding where and when their cards can be used and may decline the charge on their side. If you encounter this, please contact your bank support.

Important note 2. Some issuer banks might charge extra fees when you use credit cards. Please, contact your bank support and ask them if they charge extra fees for transactions with MCC 6051 (merchant category code).

Does Swaps support other payment solutions?

Yes. Swaps supports Apple Pay.

Does Swaps operate in the USA?


Can I create multiple accounts in Swaps service?

No. Each user can create and verify ONLY ONE account. All the other accounts except the initially created and verified one - are considered duplicates and can not be verified and used.

Can anyone use Swaps?

If you are 18 years old or older, you can purchase cryptocurrencies with your bank card using Swaps. An additional requirement is to have a valid government-issued identification document as you are required to pass verification when you buy crypto.

Non-operational countries

Kindly note that our services cannot be used in countries from the list below:

Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burundi, Central African Republic, China, Colombia, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan and Darfur, South Sudan, Syria, Vietnam, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

In addition, please note that our payment gateway might not be able to process some bank cards based on your country/state and their policies towards cryptocurrency transactions.

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